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Appear. Appear Relevant.Be Relevant.

DAC Group is an industry-leading digital agency, a technology-fueled directional marketing pioneer and a lead-generation powerhouse. We are an integrated multi-platform solutions architect and expert strategic planning partner. DAC Group creatively innovates to consistently deliver impressive results.

From virtual storefronts to local points of sale, from corporate structures to complex decentralized networks, DAC Group optimizes revenue contribution – with critical attention to detail, and unparalleled client service.

With local offices across the U.S. and Canada, proprietary in-house systems and technologies, innovative methods, proven results and successful partnerships spanning industries, media, languages, and decades, DAC Group is a leading digital agency.

Your Lead-Generation Partner… With a Vision.

We are a full-service, best-practice digital agency. We have a simple mandate: to generate measurable revenue. Regardless of channel – traditional and online directories; paid and organic search engine marketing; social, local, mobile and location-based media; email, display or video – what counts is the bottom line. From research and competitive intelligence, through design and deployment, all the way to execution and continuous improvement, we will deliver the right program for your business. Together we can increase demand, dominate markets, and build on our success. What sets DAC Group apart is a relentless focus on the here and now, with a sharp eye to the future.

Your Digital Agency.

This is about more than just micromanaging data. It’s about scaling to a power beyond the reach of your competition. Our people engineer it. Our proprietary PAGEtorrent™ technology enables it. Our experience, insight and imagination guide its development. And our unique DiMITRI™ dashboard tells the whole story, exactly how you need to hear it. Dollars in, dollars out. And that’s just the beginning…